The Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Regeneration of the grand harbour leads Malta’s commitment to a sustainable, climate-neutral future, for a better quality of life.

By bringing together three critical sectors of the country’s social and economic life, the Ministry works to consolidate this drive towards sustainability at the top of the Maltese Government’s agenda. It encourages children, families, workers, businesses, government entities, NGOs and other organisations to embrace efficient, eco-friendly practices in all walks of life, through different projects and initiatives and the implementation of national and EU long-term objectives.

The Ministry’s responsibilities range from terrestrial and marine environment protection to sustainable development, afforestation, urban greening, decarbonisation, national parks and public gardens, waste management, ESG initiatives, energy and water services, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

The Ministry’s principal undertaking is the seven-year programme launched in 2023 to create parks and gardens in all localities, ensuring that all families can enjoy a green open space, a short walk from their home, wherever they live. The Ministry is also heading the implementation of the Long Term Waste Management Plan for Malta 2021-2030, the 2030 National Energy and Climate Plan and Malta’s Sustainable Development Vision for 2050.

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